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Patient-Centered Care


Indian Path Medical Center team members as caregivers create relationships, environments and service delivery centered on the patient through a holistic approach to healing that ministers to the mind, body and spirit. Indian Path caregivers believe that healing can exist without curing, but healing cannot exist without caring.

Some ways we exhibit patient-centered care include:

  • Healing gardens
  • A caregiver mindset of “Pause, Reflect, Heal”
  • Pet therapy
  • Very Important Partner (VIP) concepts
The 10 Guiding Principles of Patient-Centered Care

These 10 principles were established by Mountain States Health Alliance’s Patient-Centered Care Visioning Committee based on input from patients. They continue to serve as a guide for patient care throughout our system.
  • Care is based on continuous healing relationships.
  • The patient is the source of control for their care.
  • Care is customized and reflects patient needs, values and choices.
  • Families and friends of the patient are considered an essential part of the care team.
  • All team members are considered as caregivers.
  • Care is provided in a healing environment of comfort, peace and support.
  • Knowledge and information are freely shared between and among patients, care partners, physicians and other caregivers.
  • Transparency is the rule in the care of the patient.
  • Patient safety is a visible priority.
  • All caregivers cooperate with one another through a common focus on the best interests and personal goals of the patient.